Brand New Web Series Showcases Basketloads of Irredeemable Deplorable

Tom Antion says, “I’m tired of good, hardworking people being portrayed as toothless, uneducated, gun-toting, buffoons.”

April 10, 16:14 EST

     VIRGINIA BEACH, Va., April 7, 2017 – Donald Trump supporters no longer will have to hide in the shadows and keep their mouths shut when the topic of politics comes up. Tom Antion, an Internet multimillionaire is starting a brand new web series to showcase high-spirited, industrious, and patriotic Americans.

Antion, who also along with a major Hollywood production company created ScamBrigade, a consumer advocate show, says he can’t stand attacks and suppression of good people. “Deplorables TV” will be the loud voice of common sense in America.

Counteracting the Big Mouths

“Holier-than-thou, loudmouths are trying to delegitimize millions of Americans who proved at the ballot box they want a change in the direction of the country,” Antion said. “People on the left have awakened a sleeping giant and if I have my way, we’ll get back to mutual respect or cause them to shut the heck up.”

The first season will be six thirty-minute episodes featuring up to five “Deplorables” per episode. Antion will be the host. He’ll interview “Baskets of Irredeemables” all across the country. Details of the show can be found at www.TheDeplorables.TV

About Tom Antion

Antion is a life-long entrepreneur, professional speaker, Past President of the National Capital Area Professional Speakers Association, and well-known Internet marketing expert. Similar to our President, he does not need to do this. He’s doing it to support and honor the fine people that are helping make America great again.

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